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ENT (Otolarynology)

The Department of ENT at Al-Aziziya Medical Centre, offers comprehensive clinical services to its patient, with a high level of proficiency. Our services include:
  • Clinical diagnosis for ear, nose, throat, head and neck diseases by revising patient’s medical history, ongoing clinical examination, the use of tuning fork test and vestibular maneuver.

  • Perform procedure such as: ear washing, suctioning, ear pick, microscopic examination and foreign body removal.

  • Audiological evaluation audiometry, tympanometry and acoustic reflex.

  • Endoscopic evaluation for ears, sinus and larynx using different types of rigid and fiber optic endoscopes.

  • Screening and early detecting of head and neck tumos.

  • Diagnosis of occupational diseases and providing follow ups and medical recommendation for patients with different cases.