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About Us

The new administration was able to turn any challenges and obstacles into opportunities of growth and help Al-Aziziya Medical Center to grow into a total healthcare institution, providing overall in-patient services and ensuring that they receive the friendliest and most attentive care.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our improved system, field-leading specialists and innovative technologies. The compassion, care and professionalism live in the hearts and minds of our staff as we seek to establish a legacy of improving the health care status by providing quality, accessible, and affordable services for our community.

Al Aziziya Medical Center


Our renovated center, along with this redesigned website, is aimed to help you quickly locate valuable, reliable healthcare information, find a doctor, or book an appointment. We seek to consistently deliver high quality services to patients.


Compassion: We provide care with genuine care, and empathy toward our patients.
Respect: We treat our patients with honesty, transparency and value.
Commitment: We are committed to deliver high quality services to our patients.
Privacy: We respect our patients’ privacy and maintain the confidentiality of all their health information.